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Updated: June 12, 2003

Koichi Sumikura

I am currently working as;
1. Associate Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
2. Team Leader, Team of IP-Brains Incubation, Kanagawa Academy of Scienceand Technology (KAST)
3. Visiting Scholar, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology,the University of Tokyo (RCAST)
4. Founder and Chairperson, Society for Managementof Intellectual Properties (smips)
5. Secretary-General, Japan Society of Science Policy and Research Management(JSSPRM)
6. Board Member, Intellectual Property Association of Japan (IPAJ)
7. Deputy Counselor, Secretariat of Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters,Cabinet Secretariat
8. Member, the National Forum for Intellectual Property Strategy


Japan-France Seminar on Innovation and Intellectual Property (March 10-11, 2003)

Proposal on NationalIntellectual Property Strategy
by the National Forum for Intellectual Property Strategy (January 10, 2002)

  (1) How should we protect intellectual property rights concerning biotech research, especially human genome research?
  (2) How could we harmonize biotech-related intellectual property protection systems internationally?
  (3) How could we build up a social system to promote technology transfer between universities and industries?
  (4) What is a role of intellectual property rights in the process of development from an invention to a novel industry?
  (5) How could we promote intellectual property education forscientists and students in scientific background?
Genome Business, Gene Patents, Intellectual PropertyRights, Patent Pooling, University Research, Intellectual Property Education,Bioethics, R&D Strategy, Technology Licensing, Intellectual PropertyPolicy


  March of 1993  Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology), the University of Tokyo
  March of 1995  Master of Science (Molecular Biology), the University of Tokyo
  March of 1998  Doctor of Engineering (Ph.D.; Biotechnology), the Universityof Tokyo

  April of 1998 - December of 1998
     Visiting Assistant Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
  August of 1998 - December of 1998
     Director, Center for Advanced Science and Technology Incubation, Inc. (CASTI)

  January of 1999 - September of 2001
     Assistant Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo

  October of 2001 - Present
     Associate Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
  March of 2003 - Present
     Deputy Counselor, Secretariat od Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters,Cabinet Secretariat

* May 5, 2003  Steering Group Meeting on Best Practice Guidelinesfor Licensing of Genetic Inventions, OECD (Paris, participated as a SteeringGroup Member)
* March 10-11, 2003  Japan-France Seminar on Innovation and IntellectualProperty (organized by French Embassy of Japan and others, Tokyo, participatedas a general organizer and made a concluding presentation)
* January 31, 2003  Cornell-Sophia Joint Workshop on "EmpiricalBioethics in Cultural Contexts" (Tokyo, invited as a commentator)
* November 22, 2002  International Seminar on Education andTraining for Industry-University Cooperation (organized by GRIPS, Tokyo,participated as a general organizer)
* July 11, 2002  International Seminar on International Comparisonon Industry-University Cooperation (organized by GRIPS, Tokyo, participatedas a general organizer)
* August 2-3, 2001  Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Symposiumon Best Practices for Entrepreneurship and Start-up Companies (Taipei, Chinese Taipei, invited as a moderator of the Session 4).
* July 19, 2001  Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Symposium on Intellectual Property Rights in the New Economy (in Taichung, Chinese Taipei, invited for presentation of "Biotechnology Development and Patent Commercialization").
* June 20, 2001  Workshop on "Practices and Outlook of Incubation in France and Japan (organized by French Embassy of Japan, Tokyo, invitedfor presentation of "Technology Licensing Organizations: Where We Are").
* May 26-27, 2001  International Symposium on Ethics, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) (organized by the National Taiwan University, Taipei, Chinese Taipei, invited for presentation of "Human Genome and Patents").
* April 4-6, 2001  Second International Structural Genomics Meeting (Airlie, USA, participated as a member of IPR task force and madea presentation on "Opinion on IPR and Data Release of Japanese StructuralGenomics Project").
* January 30-Feburuary 1, 2001  International Conference on"Ethics, Intellectual Property and Genomics" (organized by UNESCO, inParis, France, invited for presentation of "State-of-the-art on LegislativeTexts or Regulations Enforced or Under Consideration -Japan-").
* September 25, 2000  Japan-EU Workshop on Bioventures (organized by MITI and European Commission, in Tokyo, Japan, invited for presentation of "Bio-entrepreneurship -How to establish a bio-venture-").
* June 26-30, 2000  The Swedish International Symposium on Economics, Law and Intellectual Property (organized by Chalmers University etc., in Gothenburg, Sweden, invited for presentation of "Intellectual PropertyRights in University-Industry Relations -Japanese Case-").
* June 22-23, 2000  Conference on Life Sciences, Ethics, and Society (organized byFrance Science Academy, in Bordeaux, France, invited for presentation of"Requirements for Proper Protection of Gene").

* Koichi Sumikura "Lecture on Biotech Patenting for Bio-Scientists",Yodosha (Tokyo), 212 pages, 2003.
* Koichi Sumikura and Toshiya Watanabe "TechnologyLicensing Organization and Licensing Associates" BKC (Tokyo), 310 pages,2002.
* Koichi Sumikura "Patenting for Structural Analysis of Protein", IIP Research Series 6 (Yushodo) p.143-169, 2002.
* Koichi Sumikura "New Trends of Biotechnology and Patents",in "IPRs in Advanced Science and Technology" (JIII) p.1-55, 2001.
* Itsuki Shimbo and Koichi Sumikura "Tangible Research Properties in Technology Transfer", BIO INDUSTRY 19-1, p.70-77, 2001.
* Koichi Sumikura "Human Genome and Patents", in Patent Studies , No.31, p.28-42, 2001.
* Koichi Sumikura "Bioethics in Regenerative Medicine: Regulatory Statutes and Exceptions to Patentability", in SAIBOU vol.33, p.97-100, 2001.

* Committee on IPR issues of MEXT and METI
* 2003- Visiting Lecturer, Ochanomizu University
* 2002- Visiting Lecturer, the University of Tokyo
* 2001- Board Member, Japan Bio-Venture Development Association
* 2001- Visiting Researcher, National Institute for Scienceand Technology Policy
* 2000- Delegate, Specialists Committee of gAsia-PacificHuman Resource Educationh in the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation(JIII)

* 2002 Delegate, Committee for Promotion of Bio-industry, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
* 2002 Delegate, Working Group on Intellectual Property, MEXT (Monkasho)
* 2001-2002 Delegate, Committee of "Management of Research Results" in MEXT (Monkasho)
* 2001-2002 Delegate, Committee of "Patents and Competition Policy in New Areas", Fair Trade Commission
* 2001-2002 Delegate, Committee of "Study on Technology Trends (Life Sciences)" in Japanese Patent Office (JPO)
* 2001 Delegate, Subcomittee of "Research Infrastructure", Committee of Life Science, MEXT (Monkasho)
* 2001 Delegate, Committee of "Study on Patent Systems and Practices of Each Country for International Harmonization" in the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, Japan (AIPPI-Japan)
* 2001 Delegate, Committee of gProtection of Post-Genomic Researchh in the Institute of Intellectual property (IIP)
* 2000-2002 Consultant on Patents, The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
* 2000-2001 Technical Advisor, Appeals Department of Japanese PatentOffice (JPO)

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